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Mary Lee
Mary Lee
Wonderful bar with amazing talent playing nightly.
Ashley Bedeau
Ashley Bedeau
Had a amazing time. Saw the band and got to spend time safely out with family.
Sean Seraphin
Sean Seraphin
Great music and service!!!! Definitely coming back here

  Great live music bar and restaurant. The service was good and the was  music  was really good. I would go again .

thumb Jean P.

  Stop by this place to hear some live jazz on Wednesday. Me and my sister ordered pizza around 630-640. After an hour of passing, my sister tried to ask this older guy who was passing out food to other customers and he threw his hands in the air before she could even ask the question.

Threw his hands in the air as if he was aggravated and like we weren't paying customers. As he talked to us he talking all over my sister drink with an attitude. He also stated he doesn't even work here for real.

I then ask our waitress about the food, she then asks I would like to get a refund or wait because other customers ordered before us. However that was false because several customers who came in after us received their food. I will never come back there. The older guy was very rude.

thumb Jordan D.

  It's very nice  place very happy healthy ambience I like it I really high recommending  I love jazz

thumb Maria S.

  Just want a quiet place to have a late night cocktail  had an old fashion it was one of the best I've ever had   The garnish was fresh and sweet... service was wonderful a solid 7

thumb Beverley C.

  Nice outside seating with live music.

The food and drinks were subpar and pricey - $14 for an okay cocktail in a small plastic cup.

Service was terrible - probably one of the worst I've had. She served my friend wine in a small plastic cup - not even a wine glass. When we asked the waitress for a wine glass she was rude and rolled her eyes. Our waitress had attitude the whole night and didn't even say thank you for coming or have a good night - just put the checks on the table and walked away. They also kept bringing the wrong food to our table. Probably will not be back

thumb Kelsey U.

  Do not eat here !! Food was horrible the calamari was all batter no calamari the chicken tenders were still frozen when you bit into.  They said they had a happy hour but when we got our bill it was nearly $200.  Half way through our evening we were told we would have to move as our table was reserved ??? Absolutely awful

thumb Jeanette F.

  Wife and I were celebrating our 22nd wedding anniversary. I had made a reservation for a table on Sat night. Figured I would try this place out. The reservation was for a musician that was playing from 9pm -1. I knew I would be not arriving until 10 because of a stop we were making beforehand. Because of this I was worried they were going to give my table away. I emailed the place 3 times over the course of a few days to let them know  I'd be late, to see what their policy was. Not one response. I never even received an email confirmation after I booked the table. On Sat night I arrived at 10. I walked into a packed house and stood near the door for about 5 minutes. There was no hostess stand, no one to greet you. I had no idea whom to ask about our table. Very unwelcoming. I finally walked around the bar and approached a server. She told me tables are given away if the party doesn't show within 15 minutes. Exactly what I was afraid of. I was pissed. I emailed the place 3 times and nowhere on the website or even after booking the table, does it say anything about a 15 min window on tables. So I left and went elsewhere. Why have an a email on your website, if u don't respond! Don't bother with this place.

thumb Steve R.

  Music is great! Bar isn't run well. No one acknowledged my friend and I when we entered the bar. We went in and sat down with a couple who had room at their table. After being there for an hour, a cocktail waitress, who I think is part, owner walks up and ask us if we want something to drink being that no one has acknowledged us, and we've been in the barn entire hour we chose to say no, my friend it asked for a cup of water, and the lady brought the water to her and she told her at that time that there would be a five dollar cover charge, my friend said are you just trying to charge us five dollars because we didn't get anything to drink there was no response. The lady walked away after about another hour we decided to leave for the night as we exited the building the woman comes up to us and she's like , you have to pay five dollars each and you're really supposed to have a two drink minimum but I'll let that slide and I said there's no signs anywhere your Facebook page doesn't say that there's a two drink minimum and a five dollar cover charge your website doesn't say there's a two drink minimum and a five dollar cover charge we came in the bar. No one even acknowledge her existence for an hour , we've never been here before so you're just assuming that we know your bar rules and quite honestly we could've been under age and no one even checked her ID to see if we were old enough to be drinking and be even in the bar. based on those factors, I will probably not return, and wouldn't recommend it either.

thumb Amber T.

  Went there tonight for the Valerie Tyson Band. Tuesday
R & B, Jazz funk. Let me say- wow-what a great time!!!
Loving the vibe- haven't been out in a long, long time!
Was very impressed with the band! They are for real!!!
As far as the food goes- I give that only 2 stars- my Caesar with Mahi Mahi was ok. Nothing much to talk about!!
The glasses of wine- are ridiculous- & not in a good way.
I cannot believe they are 4-6 Oz glass !
I will be back for the music but- going to have dinner & a couple of glasses of wine- at home because I do like my wine!
On the upside- I do like to support Women owned businesses!!! I'm sure I am going to be a regular at this place!!!

thumb Elaine S.

  Fun happy hour (4-7) with a great dance band. And the smoked fish dip was the bomb! The place was wall to wall packed so early on a Sunday night but the music drew you in...and what age group dances at 5pm?? Mostly like-aged 50+ but we all had fun!

thumb Momo B.
10 reviews on
Great Fun and Music! Wonderful time- service was very good for drinks and appetizers. Ambience very cool and music was HOT! Fusion band very professional and gave all out performance for dancing and enjoyment. Will be back!
The Best Pizza Party in Fort Lauderdale I regularly order take out from this pizzeria. The pizza is delicious and they offer several house specialty "flavors." The atmosphere is terrific, if you like live music and a divers crowd of all ages. The bar staff is outstanding and work their tails off! They also pour stiff cocktails to wash down your new favorite pizza.
Mark Joel
Mark Joel
Great entertainment Happy hour and evening entertainment daily. Friendly staff. Obviously a place for the locals. Prices are good entertainment was great.
you gotta experience this first time to fll-we heard there was live music on a sunday afternoon from 4-7. and they had happy hour specials. what a perfect way to start your evening. so my wife and i are 60 and we were the youngest people in this place. we walked into energy. from the band and from the packed house of mostly people in their 70's dancing, drinking martinis, eating pizza and all dressed up very nattily. i wish we had such a vibrant community where i live. had a blast
Good music but food is so so Again this is a place to go for the people not the food- but it’s fun, loud and vibrant. Pizza is ok. Have a beer or a wine with it. And listen to jazz! Sometimes you can even dance a bit. People are older like in their 40s and 50s and beyond but it’s fun
A good place but more some changes should be made A cool place but some bartenders need to be replaced as they dont pay attention to the customers. Seems like they miss the glass with the alcohol too. Food is good! Some of the bands now could be better. This place is worth going to but how much should it cost you? Might be too be the judge.
Ashley S
Ashley S
Poor Service and food, but at least beer is cold. Business was highly recommended, but quickly learned that sadly a single employee was trying to bartender, wait tables and take food orders for approximately 25 people in the business. Needless to say that the orders were completely wrong or just not placed. It would seem impossible to get a nacho order wrong, but to my amazement, 4 of the 6 items were left off the order. The do-it-all employee were very nice and profusely apologized and tried to correct it, but the nachos eventually came out, but were incredibly disappointing. We waited another hour for an ordered pizza to come out and was advised that the order was never placed. Needless to say, our fresh, hot Pizza was delivered by Papa Johns. I did enjoy the nostalgic entertainment and female singer who had a good voice and reminded me of Captain and Tenille. Quite entertaining!
Antonio M
Antonio M
Great music! old school! It was recommended by friends and it did not disappoint.we walked in to a great sax player and unfortunately his gig was up after 2 songs. The waitress was amazing and suggested some local beers which great IPAs. We ordered a club sandwich and tacos and both were very good. We saw many pizzas being ordered so maybe next time. The music started and the 5 piece band were great! Professionals all the way. It's a small place which adds to the ambiance. I will definitely return next time.
Debbie V
Debbie V
Great ebtertainment and great food...better than your average bar food!!! We live in the neighbourhood and frequent this spot often...we have always enjoyed the live music, happy hours and the overall dinner experience...the pizza's are amazing...and so is the menu...they have a small dance floor but its worth checking out...if you don't like loud music and a good time then this is not the place for you!! This is high energy and it gets a little crowded on the weekends...but it a definite hot spot for us locals!!!
Best Blues place around . The live music is almost non stop as they start at 1:00 pm and go until they are closed. Very limited food and wine menu. The service is good. Pizza and wings are above average. Oddly, No draft beer on tap. If you like live blues music you will love Blue Jeans Blues

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